Aug 21, 2009

Umas Bronze - Radha

Uma finished his wonderful bronze - sculptur of Radha. The statue is 40 centimeter high, he used 5 metalls, so it has 10 kg weight.
See the work in full beauty here:

Aug 3, 2009

Mani in Dresden Newspaper

Mani got an article in Dresdens local Newspaper. He did give his interview at the beginning of June, before he left back to India. Today it was published. You can read it all here:

GERMAN Original:

english translation:

Aug 1, 2009

Season August 2009

After the big wedding, the Gecko-Cafe returned to normal business.
It is open and welcomes every guest in its special way with nice atmosphere, friendly waiters and delicious food. And if you are lucky, the new family-member Ammu serves her great Indian breakfast, Dosas and Dhal to you.

A Wedding in the Gecko

We did have a big South-Indean Wedding! Manis brother Uma got married on July 1st. The Gecko-Cafe was nicely decorated and looked festive. The shady entrance was incredibly inviting, unfortunatly it cannot stay forever, because the street is to small and big cars got much trouble passing by.

In the entrance there were ceremonies before the wedding every morning and evening.

They young couple looked most beautiful at the typical south-indean wedding and now the young lady belongs to the "gecko-cafe-family".