Jul 15, 2013

We have been a bit lazy in this Blog, but NOT IN OUR PLACE! Since 15th December 2012 there is a new little Gecko cafe.
Here you find our LITTLE GECKO, the brother of our Gecko Cafe, just around the corner, also on Othavadai Cross St, above the teashop.

The proud painter after painting our new logo, which was designed in Germany. 

And we did celebrate our big Geckos 5th Birthday in December 2012, already. 

Our place is ready for guests. Nanthini even painted the special welcome to the floor...

Fresh flowers welcome the customers every day. 

We also have visited Germany... Mani for the second time, Baskar for the first time. 
Impressive 2,5 weeks with many stories to tell, including the flooded city of Dresden. Here some pictures: 

Baskar on Top of the Frauenkirche (church of our lady) in Dresden, looking down to the flooded river Elbe.

Baskar in a village in the Ore-Mountains ( Erzgebirge) .

Mani and Baskar at a German Wedding. 

At the Elbe river banks in Dresden

in the Dresden Neustadt, a neighborhodd with many restaurants and cafes

Also we did receive the Certificate of Excellence 2013 in TRIPADVISOR

Aug 22, 2012

South-Indian Breakfast in GECKO CAFE

Since there are four new hands in Gecko Cafe to help out on all ends, finally a fine south Indian breakfast can be served in the cafe. It has been possible before, too, but now it made its way to the menue officially.
You can get Idlies and Dosas with a special sauce.  Enjoy!

Mar 21, 2012

A fresh couple

There has been a wonderful wedding at the Gecko Cafe. Mani and his new wife, Nandhini, celebrated the traditional south indian wedding in 2 days. Many guests came, all in all close to 800 people. An impressive event!

Feb 23, 2012

New Shop downstairs

A new Shop has opened downstairs!

here you will find some nice handmade gift for sure!

Mani did help painting.

Nov 30, 2011

There will be a wedding

We are happy to announce the engagement of Mani and Nanthini, who will get married in the beginning of next year.

Sep 1, 2011

September 2011

We will be in the 2011-edition of the new Lonely Planet:

Gecko Café MULTICUISINE $$ (www.gecko-web.com; off Othavadai Cross St; mains ₹100-200) Two friendly brothers run this cute little spot on a thatch-covered rooftop above the family home. The menu choices and prices aren’t that diff erent to other tourist-oriented spots, but there’s more love put into the cooking here, and the decor is fun: we liked the wall of goddesses, with Laxmi hanging next to the Virgin and Child. There’s internet and a book exchange downstairs.

Jul 30, 2011

Everything ready in the Gecko Cafe for the French Season

Now it is fresh and ready for the new season, awaiting old friends and new guests. The new fridge filled.

The roof in the Gecko Cafe need to be rebuild and once it was removed, we decided to liften up the entrance way.
Now the former low shoe-parking is an acceptable way.