Dec 15, 2010

OUR GECKO Cafe turns 3 !

Happy birthday! We are going into our 4th year now. Therefore we want to send a big thank-you to all our friends and supporters. Hopefully see you soon back here in our place.

Not only the Gecko-Cafe does celebtrate birthday, but also some of our friends and guests, so we did have a great party with birthday-cake and music.

Dec 7, 2010

Programme Dancefestival Mamallapuram

The fresh printed programme is out.
Here you can have a look at this years schedule.


06. December 2010

The GECKO is READY for new and old guests! Its freshly painted and the pillows and cushions got new covers, put some new dishes on the menu.
We hope also in this season you will feel comfortable and happy in our place.

01. December 2010

We fineshed our seasonal cleaning work and can start re-decorating the Gecko-Cafe soon.

Sep 16, 2010

New housemate in the Cafe

This little fellow moved in into the Gecko-Cafe-Place. Named "Max", it will take care for the place and entertain the guests down at the steps. It gets training and healthcare from the bosses, Mani and Baskar.

The cafe now is waiting for Monsoon, and a new season - but of course customers are welcome also in the off-season!

The Mangotree is growing fast!

Aug 31, 2010

Summer Season

The last 8 weeks have been sucessful and nice, especially July was a great season month. Unfortunatly in August we did have a lot of rain and therefore less guests coming to Mamallapuram. But the ones who came have been happy in our place and we could take much time for talking and playing.

Jun 29, 2010

June 2010

A fresh clean Gecko-Cafe is awaiting new guests in the upcoming season!

Also we do have a new menue with a bigger variety of dishes on it.
Download here

We are preparing the "French" Saison: cleaning the Gecko completetly, improving the working conditions in the kitchen, new painting and organising.

Planting new trees in the backyard: a mangotree and a lemon tree

The kitchen got a new window and has been re-organised for better and faster cooking in the saison.

May 12, 2010


The tourist-free Off Season gives enough time for cricket. The Gecko-Crew is mostly busy with either watching or playing cricket and the rest of the time: staying out of the mercyless sun... therefore the geckocafe turned into a fine little "cinema".

Only at the weekends they lately started to sell Chicken biriyani to Indian tourists near the Seashore temple, producing big potts with the delicious dish and selling it "to go" for the people.

Jan 23, 2010

January 2010


Thanks to the Routard-Guide-Book entrance its really a busy season, although there are less tourists in Mamallapuram this year.
Ramesh and Baskar are the two fulltime-cooks of the season, accompanied with Alex and Muthu in the kitchen. Sometimes they find a minute to serve a original Thali on a banana leaf to guests with this special request.

... and Mani rarely sits on the steps, waiting for guests. Due to the increased request he put is one more table into the room.

While Suman sells successfully hammocks in many different colors to his customers ...