May 29, 2008

MAI 2008

The Gecko-Cafe- Owners MANI and BASKAR

Koch und Kellner in der Off- Saison. Sie freuen sich auf die nächsten Gäste (und nein, sie sitzen nicht immer im Weg!)

The cook and the waiter in the Off-Season, looking forward to welcome their next guests. (No, they are not always blocking the way.)

Buildingsite AGAIN / Wieder Baustelle

After the last visitors of the season had left, Mani started a new builidingsite for the cafe making a little extra room on top of the little indian shop.

Nachdem die letzten Besucher der Saison abgereist waren startete Mani eine neue Baustelle zur Erweiterung des Cafes. Auf dem Dach des kleinen Ladens wird ein neuer Raum mit max. 8 Plätzen für das Cafe entstehen.

Natürlich beginnt nichts ohne eine Pooja vorher / All started with a pooja for the new building:

Dann wurde die Wand, an der vorher das Sofa stand, zum neuen Eingang für das "kleine" Cafe gemacht.
Than the wall where the sofa has been standing was turned into the new entrance for the extra-room.

Derweil zog der kleine Laden in den Vorraum des Gecko-Cafes um / meanwhile the little Indian shop shifted into the downstairs-area of the Gecko-Cafe:

Mani veranlasste ausserdem die Säuberung des Sees hinter dem Haus (eine Seltenheit im Ort)
Also Mani did clean the backyard and his part of the lake.

vorher / before cleaning

beim See-Säubern / cleaning the lake

Hinterhof vorher / backyard before

Zwischenstand / inbeetween

nachher / after

May 2, 2008

April 2008

Visit in APRIL 2008

the "tzchermans" have been there.
We visited the cafe finally - in the beginning of April. And the inspection has been fab. Everything was fine, the place is so nice and clean as expected. Travel-Report here: Mamallapuram_April2008. (Only in German, but many pictures)

It has been a relaxing, happy time in the cafe, trying all the nice dishes from the new printed menue (see picture and thanx to WDS Pertermann) up and down.

Fresh pressed juices, fresh fish, homemade vegetarian dishes - everything was perfect. no complaints. we were totally happy.

Only tiny little changes were made, for using the room even better - the horse had to move from the entrance to the middle of the room, giving space for one more table.

we also tested the Herrnhuter christmas-Star for the x-mas decoration... was a strange but nice + homy feeling to have a decoration like this under the palmleaves. Will be great in December. But thats a little far fetched...

News of March 2008

MARCH 2008

Finally a new fridge was purchased, because the whole season Mani and Baskar managed with the tiny thing.So the next season will be more relaxed - only in storage issues. Hopefully it will be busy as the last season already has been.

Also the new oven moved into the its all set for the next season: there will be homemade cake & cookies!