Mar 20, 2009

March 2009

Welcome to the Gecko Cafe!

Season: over

Only a view tourists are left, the off-season began early.
That fact obviously could be noticed last week, when the Othavadai Cross Street turned into a huge buliding site. But amazingly fast the whole action of building a new drenage was finished again. One day the whole street opened up, the next day: like nothing happened ever before.

So the way to the Gecko Cafe is free again, no obsticales in the way.

March 18th: road in peace again:

Buildingsite: Othavadai Cross St.: 17th March

60 Visitors at once in the Gecko :

We did have a huge grop of visitors lately. They just came for tea.
No , just joking, there will be a wedding in July, and this was one step towards the preparation for this. All those guests came from a village near Mamallapuram, to checking out the brides new house.

Everybody welcome! The Kitchen-Crew: Baskar, Salim and Ramesh.