Dec 3, 2008


The GECKO is ready.

The plants are growing fast. Soon we ll have a little jungle.

Again: Lake cleaning. "Delicious" work like every once-a-month. The hero of this time: Baskar.
Yes, for the nice lake-view, this work also has to be done.

The Herrnhuter Stern/Star, a gift from Germany, has been puzzled together and now enlightens the Gecko Cafe in the Christmas season. MAni says, he put the star together in only 6 minutes, but nobody believes him.

Im "Deccan Chronicle" wurde am 3. Dezember, nach den Attacken in Bombay, folgender Artikel zum Thema "Tourismus in Mamallapuram" veröffentlicht:
On Dec. 3rd the following article has been published in the Deccan Chornicle on Tourism in Mamallapuram: