September 2011

We will be in the 2011-edition of the new Lonely Planet:

Gecko Café MULTICUISINE $$ (www.gecko-web.com; off Othavadai Cross St; mains ₹100-200) Two friendly brothers run this cute little spot on a thatch-covered rooftop above the family home. The menu choices and prices aren’t that diff erent to other tourist-oriented spots, but there’s more love put into the cooking here, and the decor is fun: we liked the wall of goddesses, with Laxmi hanging next to the Virgin and Child. There’s internet and a book exchange downstairs.

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Elodie and Rajaram said...

Hello Gecko Cafe !!!
Congratulations for being mentioned in the Lonely Planet.
We have only good memories in your place. And your food! Fantastic! It is the best place to be in Mamallapuram.
Elodie and Rajaram (Paris-France)