Mamallapuram Dance Festival 2009/2010

Here is the new programme for the Mamallapuram Dance Festival; 25.December 2009 - 25. January 2010.


2nd Year of the Gecko Cafe successfully finished

Today is our 2nd Birthday. Two years ago we started downstairs with only a few tables but much passion. So many things have happened until now. We want to thank all our friends and supporting people as well as our faithful guests for a great time and we promise to keep on doing our work with heart and soul, as it is in the character of the Gecko Cafe anyways.


December 2009

The Christmas-Season can begin. We put up the X-mas star, we prepared the signboards -- you cant miss us!

The new crew in the Gecko: Ramesh is back in the kitchen with Baskar, Alex and Muthu are ready to support them.